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Marcedes' Motivational Must Haves -Christmas 2019

This year, I decided to put a motivational twist on my Christmas shopping list! The important people in our lives should be reminded often that they are important to us! I like giving gifts that have a message tied to them. Every time your loved ones see the gifts that you give them, they should be reminded of your love and the good memories that you share and encouraged to create new memories!

There's a catch to my list, all of my gifts can be found at prices less than 50 dollars. Think about the moments, memories, and messages that you can tie to each gift! Get that Christmas shopping done, we're running out of time!

Check out my list for 2019, hope this helps:

"Motivational Must Haves 2019 with Marcedes"

-Brand New Noise Recorder – By – Prices Start at $50.00

-A Spa Escape- Massage Heights-—Prices Start at $29.00

-RocketBook Journal- Find it at Prices start $16.00

-Digital Photo Frame- By Aluratek @ $29.00

-The Path Made Clear By Oprah Winfrey- Found at Half Price Books -$13.99, of course it is available on Amazon, and your local book stores!

-Magnolia Table (Cookbook) by Joanna Gains- Found at TJ Maxx $14.99

-Goal and Vision Corkboard – Found at Home Good -$14.99

-Messages & Mugs- Marshalls, TJ Maxx, At Home – Starting at $4.00

Happy Holidays!

Your friend and coach,


(210) 579-0546


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